Thursday, July 15, 2010

Vacation Update

Hey everyone,

I just came back from vacation and boy do I have a lot to tell.
Well, let's start on the first day I came. There were so many people in my hotel and I was like whoa. There's no room in the pool for me, but they all left the next day. It was still crowded from July 4th weekend.

Oh and did I mention the hot guys there!! :D

So after that was the beach and I'm an absolute horrible swimmer and cannot save my life no matter what danger I'm in. So I decide to be strong on go in the ocean (let alone my fear of some creature popping up and eating only me) but it wasn't bad at all if you don't count the amount of times I was screaming my head off because the water was cold and I was too scared of the waves coming towards me even though they weren't strong enough to knock me over.

But the lifeguards were hot! Young and hot and I kept on looking at them and then falling on my face because I didn't see the waves behind me (the further you swan, there were no waves, but I can't swim and no one wanted to hold me because they were afraid I was going to drown them with me as well.)

And then I got attacked by seagulls. Yes Seagulls! I had food with me and I guess they thought it smelled good and loved following me. And there I was afraid I was going to get eaten by a seagull. And even when I didn’t have any food, they still followed me.

But in the end, I did learn how to swim (sort of) and I had an amazing time and ate lobster and crabs and went to wonderful restaurants where the food was amazing!!

But this morning while I was still in the hotel pool, this new lifeguard came to me and told me to dive in the 5 foot deep side of the pool. Even though he was a nice guy and talked to everyone, I still grabbed a good hold of my chair in case he decided to throw me in the water. And when everyone put their heads underwater, they came out fine, me - I had my nostrils filled with water. haha

But I had an amazing, relaxing time and wished it never ended, but sadly everything has an end and so did my wonderful vacation.

But being with my family meant everything.

Oh and did I mention when I got on the elevator, I almost knocked over a very cute guy. Yeah it was embarrassing and my mom was right there and saw it. :)

♥ Ana

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