Thursday, July 22, 2010

Oh So Heavenly!

Hi everyone,

Today we have Jennifer Murgia taking on the blog for the day as she's our guest blogger!!! How amazing!

Take it away Jennifer!

I’m so excited to be guest blogging today on the AnaRissa Chronicles! This is such a great little blog and I want to thank both Ana and Marissa for having me.
Let’s talk about my favorite fictional character right now – angels! I think it’s safe to say that angels have stolen first place and are the paranormal being of the moment. Everywhere we look Guardians, Fallen, the Seraphs . . . are making appearances in YA books these days. Is there a reason? Absolutely! It’s time for them to shine! I’ve noticed there is a time and place for characters belonging to the speculative fiction genre and each one happily takes their turn. From wizards to faeries, to werewolves and vampires, witches to ghosts . . . each one has respectfully taken center stage and now the phenomenon seems to be angels.

I’ve been asked many times why did I write a book about angels? Quite honestly, it wasn’t intentional. The story of ANGEL STAR chose me, popping into my head one evening which such amazing force, I had to write it all down. The notion of unconditional love and a forbidden romance clutched my heart and so the role went to Garreth and Teagan, a Guardian and his human charge. But most stories need conflict to challenge the characters, so it only felt right to create my villain, Hadrian, another angel with destructive intentions but a mind and soul more complex than that of just an ordinary fallen angel.

If I had to sum it up in one word what ANGEL STAR is really about it would be balance. Good doesn’t survive long without evil trying to mess it up and dark is only constant until the light seeps its way in. Vice versa. Over and over again. It’s about finding who you are and how you should deal with issues, whether you’re human or angelic. It’s about realizing even an ordinary human can cope with extraordinary things – that you don’t always have to search for something out of our world, it’s inside us all along.

LEMNISCATE, the sequel to ANGEL STAR, releases March 21, 2011. Will there be more in store for Teagan and Garreth? You bet! But be warned, LEMNISCATE is darker, it dives deeper into what we think we know and plays with your head a little!

Cannot wait for LEMNISCATE. I'm so glad angels are getting up there because hey, we have to admit they're hot!


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