About Me: Rissa

Hey, I'm Marissa, but here I go by Rissa, and this page is everything about me :)

First and foremost, I write.  A LOT.  It's how I express my feelings. 

It's my dream to be an editor and work for a publishing house.  While Ana is the writer, I love to read and critique her work, and I'll gladly do the same for anyone who asks.  I am a senior in high school, and in college that's definitely going to be the career I pursue.  In the immediate future, however, I am looking for an internship in a publishing house so I can learn the environment and know what would be expected of me.  I am very ambitious and I don't stop until I reach my goals, but I also believe in enjoying the ride!

A little bit about me;

-You might get the impression that I am nocturnal, because most of my posts appear at the most ungodly of hours.  The truth?  Well, I'm only semi-nocturnal.  ;)  I love the nighttime, it's the only time of day when I'm completely alone and able to write, think, and ponder life.  Why semi, you ask?  I crash around 2-3 AM-- even I have my limits!

-I love literature and history, especially in areas pertaining to the Medieval and/or the Renaissance.  When it comes to books I'll read almost anything, but my heart lies in the middle of a good classic (I'm slowly working on conquering them all!).  

-My favorite writer is C.S. Lewis, particularly "The Chronicles of Narnia," but as I get older I've been reading his more mature works as well.  The man is a genius, plain and simple, and one of my biggest regrets is that he is not alive for me to meet him.  

-To sum up my personality, I'm quiet, I keep to myself...and then you get to know me ;)  I love to read, I love to write, I love to debate. Most of all, I love meeting kindred spirits because the way I see it, we're a rare breed, but together we are powerful!

I have a personal Twitter, aside from AnaRissaChron, which is twitter.com/MissaRissa213.  Follow me if you want to see updates of my thoughts and musings on life.  :)

Have a nice day!