Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I just wanted to give a quick update about the contest which you can click the link below to find out if you haven't already.


Also, I wanted to tell everyone something. I have started a blog all by myself. It's called Confessions of A Story Lover. Now it doesn't mean I'm going to be leaving the AnaRissa Chronicles and won't be posting any longer. I just wanted to have my own blog just for myself and since you guys are absolutly amazing here and I love receiving the sweet emails saying how much you love this blog, I was hoping you could help support me on my new blog as well. By this weekend a ton more reviews will be on Confessions of A Story Lover and it would be amazing if you could follow me there as well. :) But I promise you I'll still be here at the AnaRissa Chronicles reviewing books and hosting contests. :)

The link is below.


Now please remember that it's not done yet. It will be done by thr end of this week, so probably by Monday morning. I'll have a banner on there and in depth reviews of many many books.

Good Luck in the contest

and thanks so much for your support. I'll have a review of KISSED BY AN ANGEL by Elizabeth Chandler on tomorrow.



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