Saturday, September 4, 2010

New Contest!!

So from now until December, I will be hosting a series of 3 contests - one for every month. Each month one random person will be winning a bookmark, but only on the last month will there be one that is signed by the author.

Okay, so here are the prizes:

Septmeber: Bookmark of RETURN THE HEART by T.K. Richardson

October: Bookmark of FIRELIGHT by Sophie Jordan and sticker of FIRELIGHT

November: Signed bookmark by Angie Frazier, author of EVERLASTING.

The Rules:

I will only be shipping in the U.S., so you must live here to enter.

To enter, just send me an email with your name to

You must be a follower of The AnaRissa Chronicles.

And the first contest ends September 31, 2010!

Good Luck to everyone and I will be posting updates for the contest.



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