Friday, September 3, 2010

Lecture Notes by Philip Mitchell Freeman

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If you’re an incoming freshman facing the culture shock of campus life, reeling under the weight of scholastic expectations, and feeling the pressure of overwhelming financial commitments—don’t panic! Lectures Notes counters the confusion with an insider’s perspective on navigating these challenges and many more. Professor Philip Freeman reveals the three sure-fire rules for a great college experience, offers solid strategies for fostering crucial relationships with faculty advisors, and sets you up for four years of success—and beyond. Packed with practical advice, Lectures Notes is a must read for every college-bound high school senior, whether you’re attending a small-town junior college, a sprawling mega-campus, or an ivy-league university. Don’t leave home without it!

This book truly helped me know what was ahead for me in college. College is scary because people no longer hold your hands, or you walk in a straight line with people you've known from pre-K. You're all alone - you're a grown up and that's a scary thought. You begin to worry about what your major should be, what if make a mistake, what if, what if. The questions never stop, and they surely haven't for me either. But LECTURE NOTES helped there, not only with chosing a major, but with classes, teachers, and what to actually expect in college. Freeman is a college professuer himself and reading a book by one, does make you feel as though now you know the right path.

The writing wasn't hard to understand with big words that would scare you, rather than help. It was easy and a fun, quick read, but filled with great information that helps get you through your fears.

After I was done reading, I felt good about college and knew that any worries I had, I had this book with me. LECTURE NOTES is not a big fat textbook - it's a small guide that you can take with you to college and whenever you get stuck on what to do, just pull this book out because it has all the answers in here for you.

Overall, I recommend this to students who are juniors and seniors in high school or a college freshman. Don't put yourself under a lot of stress when there is this book that can help ease it.



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