Monday, August 16, 2010

Immortal by Gillian Shields Review by Ana

Wyldcliffe Abbey School for Young Ladies, housed in a Gothic mansion on the bleak northern moors, is elite, expensive, and unwelcoming. When Evie Johnson is torn away from her home by the sea to become the newest scholarship student, she is more isolated than she could have dreamed. Strict teachers, snobbish students, and the oppressive atmosphere of Wyldcliffe leave Evie drowning in loneliness.

Evie's only lifeline is Sebastian, a rebellious, mocking, dangerously attractive young man she meets by chance. As Evie's feelings for Sebastian grow with each secret meeting, she starts to fear that he is hiding something about his past. And she is haunted by glimpses of a strange, ghostly girl—a girl who is so eerily like Evie, she could be a sister. Evie is slowly drawn into a tangled web of past and present that she cannot control. And as the extraordinary, elemental forces of Wyldcliffe rise up like the mighty sea, Evie is faced with an astounding truth about Sebastian, and her own incredible fate.

I kept on leaving this book off everytime I saw it, until I finally bought it and I'm so glad I did. I didn't really know what this book was going to have, but I was totally suprised. I kept on reading and when I would stop, I would pick it up again because I just wanted to know what was going to happen next. Shields's writing is so amazing and I found that her writing kept luring me in to read more.

I loved Evie. She was strong, but not the bothering type that kept getting herself into trouble for her lack of interest in listening to others. She was caring and the type of person you wanted to stay friends and feel sorry for because of what had happened to her. Stebastian was very mysterious, but I loved how he cared for Evie, but I didn't know what to expect from him at the end.

I love a plot that incorporates a creepy boarding school and a girl falling in love with a dangerous guy there. There's so interesting because I find that every boarding school is different and has their own spark that makes you want to know what's hiding behind the walls and this book did that for me. I couldn't trust anyone.

I found the ending to be a bit confusing and I did reread it in case I didn't understand something, but still found it confusing. But it did leave room for a sequal, BETRAYAL, which I'm really excited to read.

I love the cover with the necklace near the water and the phrase. "First love never dies..." I t seemed sort of something that would take place on the Titanic, I don't know why I think that. But there were no ships in the book, but it does capture the eerie feeling of the book.

Overall, I recommand this book if you like a good story and are into paranormal.


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