Sunday, November 14, 2010

Jump by Ginger Rue

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High school junior Brinkley Harper is beautiful, wealthy, admired, and powerful—until the day she wakes up in the body of a classmate she wouldn’t be caught dead hanging out with.

Goth girl Miranda is everything Brinkley isn’t: she won't leave the house in anything but black, her family life is in tatters, she’s practically invisible at school, and she’s hiding a dark secret. As Brinkley experiences Miranda’s life from the inside out, she’s forced to consider the world from a very different point-of-view. But this won’t be Brinkley's last “jump,” and each time she lives a day in another classmate’s body, Brinkley not only begins to feel empathy for others, she also begins to glimpse the fears, vulnerabilities, and disappointments behind her own perfect façade. By experiencing the world as somebody else, Brinkley may finally learn to understand herself.

JUMP is a book that shows that if you walk in someone else's shoes, you'll see the true person and might feel more compassionate about them. Brinkely Harper was the most popular girl in school, but also the meanest and Miranda was the goth who Brinkely didn't like. But as Brinkely literally goes into Miranda's shoes and other girls', she begins to think differently about them because she's going throuhg what they are as well.

I loved the transformation of Brinkely throughout the novel. She started out snotty, but changed. Also, the characters in this book had personality. They weren't boring. They actually jumped out to you. At times, I would find myself in people's shoes as well as Brinkely was.

The cover of this book is absolutly gorgeous! It captures the entire essence of the book and even Brinkely and Miranda.

Overall, if you enjoy chick-lit and a book that shows people changing, this books for you.



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  1. Thanks for the great review! I loved the cover, too--the Tricycle Press team really outdid themselves!