Sunday, December 5, 2010

Happy Birthday, Ana!!! :D

Soo, I see that she posted today, but made no mention to her 16th birthday...whattt? Unacceptable! Now, I'm rather scared to know that she now has the ability to drive, which makes me question the near proximity of our houses (kidding...kinda ;), but it is a very special birthday, and worth mentioning. Anyway, I wanted to post a Happy Birthday message to my best friend, Ana! I'm so glad to have such a wonderful friend in you-- from running around NYC in torrential rains, to seeing The Phantom of the Opera, to our various fictional guy obsessions (Damon Salvatore? MINE. haha), to creating this blog, to ranting about the many crazy people in our lives, I've had so much fun with you! :) I'm really going to miss you next year, but I know our friendship is will remain strong, and I look forward to many fun times in the future.
Happy Birthday!

Rissa =)

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