Thursday, June 24, 2010


Today when I opened my internet, a headline popped out at me. It was about this ship that was found in Lake Michigan that sank over a century ago on a violent storm. And after reading that, I immediately thought of Titanic!

I LOVED Titanic when I was little. Everything about it was so amazing. How the biggest ship in the world just sank because of an iceberg. I read about everything you could imagine about it. I even watched the movie like a thousand times and even to this day, I still cry. I have to say the movie was done perfectly. If only it was in 3D - now that would be triple amazing. I probably would be crying for days. In the end of the movie, I just break down and cannot control myself.

But now they're finding so many ships from long ago and it's interesting how history can come to life that way. I don't have the slightest clue on how to sail one, but learning how they looked back when they were sailing and how they sank is so interesting.

And all I can imagine then is how the people felt when they figured out that the ship they were on was about to sink! Now that's a scary thought - one I never want to think or live myself. Everything must go through your mind during your last moments like will can I just jump off and swim? Is my family going to be okay? Well for me, the jumping off the ship wouldn’t really work since I can’t swim for my life! But I guess if you have to, you will. And that is why I don’t like ships, but I love learning about ships like Titanic and how they sank. And if there's a movie involved, I'm in!

- Ana

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