Monday, June 28, 2010

Saving Zoe - Review by Ana

Meet fifteen-year-old Echo, a typical teen trying to survive high school without being totally traumatized by boy trouble, friend drama, and school issues. As if she didn't have enough on her plate, Echo is also still dealing with the murder of her sister Zoë. Although it's been over a year, Echo is still reeling from tragedy that changed everything. Beautiful and full of life, Zoë was the glue that held her family together, and although the two sisters were as different as night and day, they still had a bond that Echo can't let go of. When Zoë's old boyfriend Marc shows up one day with Zoë's diary, Echo doesn't think there's anything in there she doesn't already know. But as she gives in to curiosity and starts reading, she learns that her sister led a secret life that no one could have guessed--not even Echo.

SAVING ZOE had me gripped from page one. I loved how Zoe’s diary unfolded into her world and helped Echo realize many things and understand her sister better. Losing a sister, or even family member, is hard, but this book showed how Echo got over it because having Zoe’s diary right next to her, it felt like she still had Zoe with her. But once I reached the end of the book, I cried. When the diary finished, I cried. It was very emotional how the journey that Echo was going on ended and there she realized again that her sister was dead.
This book made me go through a whole length of emotions in one sitting. Not many have done that for me. Also, the cover perfectly portrays the entire book with the girls and the open diary. Alyson Noel truly knows how a teenager feels and captures those emotions just right.

COVER 15 /15
ENDING 20 /20
PLOT 20 /20

97% A+

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